Legends of the Fall (James Horner)

Reuniting with director Ed Zwick, this 1994 romantic drama offered James Horner a sweeping canvas on which to paint one of his most epic and beloved scores. Filled with a multiplicity of themes and motifs, and Horner at his most lush and emotive, this score is a real gem.

The original cover always bugged me. The main poster featured a ragged Brad Pitt grainy and blurred, though commanding the screen. Add onto that a muted tone, odd text placement and for years, only low resolution online--a poor cover for a worthy score such as this. Earlier in 2020, Intrada Records finally released an expanded edition--though despite some higher image quality, the design remained almost identical.

Years back, I'd worked on a custom cover, one of my most ambitious projects at the time, since I was essentially creating a new custom poster from various sources. I took the same basic poster as the base, but then replaced Tristan, using alternate posters of Pitt, and then adding Julia Ormond (a still from the film). Trying to match the look of all these images took some work, and I wanted to also breathe some life into the image by adding a splash of color to the bottom landscape.

The cover then sat unfinished and abandoned for years, and I'd stopped doing cover art altogether for quite some time. The release of the expanded album inspired me to return to finish this cover, and that sparked this whole project and the birth of this site, so this cover will always hold a special place for me.

The first cover, ironically, was a much simpler job, using a home video box art, which gave a dramatic image that didn't require too much fuss, besides some color correction and re-titling.

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