The Soundtrack Gallery is meant as a free and open resource for soundtrack collectors to use for their personal digital collections. My covers aren't a product for purchase, and the site is not intended as a commercial platform, but as a digital portfolio of my work.

This is not a site for music downloading, only a gallery of proposed artwork. Most covers are simply meant as an alternative to existing official album artwork, or proposed art for desired expansions, some of which may or may not be available online. Please do not inquire about music downloads, or share any links to pirated material.

Although all posted artwork was created by me, and are originally designed and edited versions, I do not own any of the original materials, unless otherwise noted. Official poster artwork and source materials used belong to the film studios, production companies or original copyright owners. Some artwork used might be fan-made by other digital artists, and I try to give credit to the original artist, whenever the creator is known.

Existing artwork has been changed for artistic purposed to suit the new intended purpose of a cover album, and no infringement is intended towards the original artist or rights holder. If you are the copyright owner and have any issues with my fair-usage of your art, please contact me.

Please use my artwork for your own enjoyment, and if you happen to share elsewhere online, please just give a shout-out back here to me, thanks!