Hi, and thanks for checking out The Soundtrack Gallery. I really hope you've enjoyed what you found. This site is created by a fan, for fans. 

And it is my hope to continue to expand this site over time, regularly creating new work and updating projects, to give you, the readers and followers, the very best resource for custom covers online. To create a large database, always of the highest quality, that can be a go-to asset for soundtrack collectors for years to come.

And I'd love your support in that journey!

Support can mean many things. First and foremost--it's that you're here, viewing and enjoying the site! Traffic is essential, and I love hearing from you all and knowing that my efforts are being appreciated and that my art is being put to good use. And anything you can do to share my work online, on social media, or giving a shout-out if you happen to use or post my work, will always be deeply appreciated. I'm just a humble fan and artist, and any word-of-mouth attention for the site is crucial to keep it growing.

But all of this also takes a toll. First, there's some money put into making the artwork. A painter needs to buy their canvases, paints, brushes, etc. For me, this means basic website maintenance costs, as well as fees to purchase pieces of digital artwork, and various apps needed to complete the work. 

And finally, of course, is the time. This site is a labor of love, and one that I hope provides as much joy for you visitors as it does for me. Nevertheless, this hobby does require a lot of time. An average project (especially my larger ones) require dozens and dozens of hours to complete. From researching and collecting all the various art sources I'll need, cleaning or enhancing the images, re-creating logos, editing the actual poster art itself, adding the text and crafting the final compositions, and then all the time to code and publish the posts and update the content on the site, and sharing to social media. 

Frankly, this could be a full-time job, and I would love to get paid to do this one day. But for now, I do it for the love of it. But time, like money, doesn't grow on trees, and continuing to create content regularly takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice.

All that said, if you're a fan of the site, and visit regularly, or have found it to be of personal use to you, and have downloaded my covers to liven up your digital collections--I'd be honored if you'd consider taking the time to donate to the site. 

Any bit counts, and would be a tremendous encouragement to keep going!

I've setup a link through Donorbox that you can visit below (or on the right sidebar of any regular page). This is a site that uses Stripe and PayPal to securely donate to a cause, for one-time gifts, or for recurring contributions. 

If able, I hope that you'll consider contributing to the future of the site in whatever way is available to you. 

Also, if you'd like to commission personalized requests for covers, use the Contact form on the side of the page, so we can discuss it further. And let me know if you have any ideas for how to improve the site, or any new types of content you'd like to see produced.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!

- Joel