Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Hans Zimmer)

Hans Zimmer returned to the world of Sherlock Holmes, with Guy Ritchie's sequel "A Game of Shadows". Zimmer created an exciting sound for the first entry, and grew that material with a new theme for Moriarty. Unfortunately, a lousy album presentation didn't do justice to the score--filled with tracked cues, remixes, and the baffling choice of pitch shifting the original score, leaving it faster and higher. Definitely begging for a better expansion.

The original cover art is perfectly fine, but I just generally prefer art featuring more central characters, if possible. There were a number of individual character posters to choose from, and also pairs of Holmes and Watson, most of which are fairly dynamic and didn't require too much fuss. I also got rid of the "produced by" credit--I'm sure no one will miss it.

The final image took the most work. The images I used for the background weren't very high quality, so the design became a jigsaw puzzle, where each element had to be sourced from separate hi-rez images, then cut out and carefully sized and matched and composited to render the final image. Sometimes a design comes together quite quickly and happily--but the actual execution can become a whole ordeal.

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