Wanted (Danny Elfman)

Timur Bekmambetov's English-language debut gave Elfman another comics-based property. Though not particularly well-received, the film gave Elfman plenty action and mysticism to play around with, and he delivered with a great score--my favorite of his busy body of work in 2008. Featuring a great (somehow Russian-sounding?) theme, majestic minimalist strings, and a wicked rock song to boot.

The original cover design was never a favorite, so I started with a simple update on the same basic poster design, while giving the composition a little bit more space to breathe.

For the next design, I started with this poster. I generally like floating-heads posters, but I was having a hard time incorporating the modern font and text of the other posters, and wasted hours making endless adjustments and hating the results. In the end, I took a cue from the awesome background texture, and the more ancient feel evoked by the Weavers mythology, so I went full "Passion of the Christ" on it, using Roman-esque fonts and all--which proved a more effective look.

The next cover was fun but challenging, taking two character wallpapers and combining into one dynamic design. I like the energy and action, though fitting the square cover composition and titling at a canted angle took some trial and error. 

A fittingly Gotham-esque pose, and an alternately reconfigured take on the main poster banner complete this cover set--which was never meant to be this elaborate, but in the end I quite enjoyed.

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