Mary Poppins Returns (Marc Shaiman)

Rob Marshall and Disney faced a daunting task in bringing the legendary Mary Poppins character back to life, decades after the original classic. The music also faced an extraordinary task to carry on the style and songs established by the Sherman Brothers, a task which fell to Marc Shaiman and lyricist Scott Wittman. The team did an excellent job honoring the classic Disney sound and the Shermans' knack for catchy tunes and witty lyrics, delivering a heart-felt nostalgic musical treat.

I actually quite like the poster artwork used for the official album art. For the sake of variety, I wanted to use more varied and colorful poster art, and fortunately there was plenty to choose from, as well as trying my best to consolidate the composer credits for less repetition.

The first cover uses the delightful poster of Mary, with Westminster Bridge behind her. Unfortunately, as is frequently the case with vertical poster art, it was tricky cropping it to the square cover format without awkward chopping, so I isolated and resized Mary, then had to re-paint the background around her to match the existing background, and then resize the London elements to fit this. None of the posters use gold titling, but I think it pops rather nicely.

The following used the beautiful IMAX poster, and serves to accompany the extended score released for the FYC promo.

Finally, two variants on the lovely promo art of Mary in front of Cherry Tree Lane. This image seems to have come from a magazine spread, so for once I had an extra wide image to work with, which provided compositional possibilities, with some alterations in font, and color on the recreated logo.

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